Monday, April 1, 2013

West, Lower and East Queen Anne and Interbay

Today's 6.6 mile walk was a 'clean up' walk in which I finished off a number of streets I had missed in Queen Anne and a piece of Alaskan Way in Interbay.

The first part of the walk started in East Queen Anne (near Aurora Avenue north of Mercer) and dipped into Lower Queen Anne. The area was mostly residential with a few businesses.

I observed

older apartment buildings,

newer lofts,


staircases, construction sites (along Aurora), condos, single family homes, a grill named Laredos,

Horizon Church,

a mural

and some creative landscaping. In spite of being close to Seattle Center, this was a pretty quite neighborhood.

The second part of the walk included West Queen Anne and Alaskan Way in Interbay. The eastern portion of this area had lovely homes and views. I passed (and climbed) staircases - one with a sign that indicated it had been built in 1939-1940 as part of the Works Public Administration.

I walked through the Southwest Queen Anne Greenbelt and noted an interestingly designed slide.

The western portion of this area included 15th Avenue and Elliott Avenue W which are busy commercial streets with quite a few building supply stores, Whole Foods, the Interbay Postal Annex, the Wine Outlet, a few large furniture consignment shops and the Amgen Helix Bridge. I crossed the bridge and walked the periphery of the attractive Amgen campus which led me to a bike path.

Along the way, I passed a tree decorated for Easter

and some inviting looking benches. This was  a much more varied area.

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