Thursday, April 25, 2013

South Park and Marra Farm

My gardening guru gal pal and I visited Marra Farm today and took a 7.3 mile walk in the South Park neighborhood.

This neighborhood is located on Seattle's southern border and my map made it appear as if the northern ends of 8th and 10th Avenues S (around S Barton Street) were in Seattle but the southern ends (north of S 96th Street) were not. We did not spot any indication that we were leaving or re-entering Seattle.

Marra Farm was bright and inviting on this sunny morning...
... and I particularly enjoyed the children's garden which is tended by children from Concord Elementary, the local school.

Marra Farm, with four acres of historic preserved farmland, has an interesting history and an interesting present, be sure to follow the link and read about it.

The neighborhood we walked today lies between 509 and 99 and we could hear traffic noise but it wasn't so loud that we couldn't hear birds chirping.

We saw what was probably a well-maintained older farm house surrounded by newer development as well as newer homes built almost up against 99 and 509.

Along the way, we spotted a windmill,
some beautiful gardens,
quiet streets,
tidy homes located right next to industrial sites
and a bear!

This was one worthwhile walk.

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