Friday, February 8, 2013

Mount Baker

Today's 5.1 mile walk didn't cover all the streets I had hoped but that's OK because now I have a reason to return to this lovely neighborhood. My husband and I walked streets between Mount Baker Park and Lake Washington as far south as S Court Street. We started walking south along Hunter Blvd., admiring the lovely homes and the tree-lined median.

At S Court Street, we turned east and found ourselves in a neighborhood of large homes, many with lake views. No two homes were the same in this elegant neighborhood of windy streets and alleys.

We wound our way down to Lake Washington Blvd. S and turned north along the lake.

Walking as far north as Mount Baker Park,

we wound our way back to the residential streets where we observed more lovely homes and gardens.

This area is home to Mount Baker Presbyterian Church and quite a few staircases. We ran into neighbor who introduced us to a Feet First employee who asked if we planned to climb a stairway tomorrow as part of their stairway walks day event. If we are walking in Seattle tomorrow, I'm sure we'll find at least one to climb.

This was a great walk and along the way, we saw an interesting utility cover,

a tree that looked to have been visited by a woodpecker,

a large playhouse,

some interesting yard art

and an area that Green Seattle has designated as future forest.

Mount Baker is a lovely Seattle neighborhood.