Sunday, February 10, 2013

Leschi and the I-90 Lid

The clouds were low over Lake Washington today as my husband and I walked in the Leschi neighborhood and continued to the northern edge of Mount Baker to walk on the I-90 lid. I-90 looked like a bridge to nowhere and downtown Bellevue seemed to be rising out of the clouds.

Walking onto the East Portal Viewpoint, we admired the engineering and the landscaping.

We walked through the bike tunnel whose walls were covered with colorful murals (with room left for a few more).

Emerging from the tunnel, we were on a walkway lined with artwork

which led us to Sam Smith Park.

We climbed up and down a number of staircases and inclined walkways as we followed a zigzag route to Lakeside Avenue S. We enjoyed the Public Shore access spots at Charles, Norman and Judkins Streets

and Day Street Park under the bridge.

Along the way, we saw lots of bicycle route signs,

two plaques acknowledging the engineering achievements of the bridge project,

older homes,

newer homes

and a lot on Lakeside which is probably the location of a future home. We even saw a home with a float plane parked on its lakeside.

This was a walk full of discoveries.

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