Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Seattle Gems and Walk Discoveries

Welcome to my "Walking Seattle blog." This post lists some of my favorite Seattle sights and experiences. The post immediately prior to this provides an index of walks by neighborhood. The 2010 through 2014 posts document each walk. I hope you get to visit some of these neighborhoods and enjoy them as much as I did. Happy walking!!! In 2022, I started revisiting Seattle neighborhoods and blogging about the changes. My new blog is


  1. You are amazing! I coordinate a city-wide walking for people 50+ through Seattle Parks & Recreation, called Sound Steps. A participant found your blog and passed it along to me. What a great resource. I would love to invite you to share this experience at one of our events if you'd be willing to. Please email me at

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  3. What an incredible resource this list is! Congratulations on reaching an amazing goal, Peggy! I'm inspired.

    - Tina (your fellow urban sketcher)

  4. I just found your blog via a search for Little Brook Natural Area, and I have bookmarked it for what I am sure will be many repeat visits. Kudos on reaching your worthy goal, and thanks for compiling such a wonderful resource for all of us who love to wander!

  5. Hi: Found your blog in an on-line search for an image of Thorton Place to use in a book I have coming out by Island Press. Your photo showing the creek and walkway is perfect. Might I be able to use this photo in the book -- I'd give you photo credit. I'd need a high resolution digital image -- 300 dpi or above. Thanks for your consideration. Also, like you, I love to stroll cities. I'm also a long distance runner.

    1. Yes, you may use the photo but I don't have the original. Once I add a photo to this blog, I delete it from my camera and hard drive.

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