Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mid Beacon Hill

Today's 3.6 mile walk in Mid Beacon Hill held a few surprises. Maple Wood Playfield was much larger than I had imagined and looked beautiful on this fall afternoon. Young soccer players were arriving for a game as my husband and I passed by. The scene would have been perfect were it not for the noise from the cars on I-5 and the planes overhead.

Large transmission towers cut through the neighborhood but the area underneath them adds to the green space.

Houses in this quiet area are modest and most are well-kept.

We passed Maple Elementary School,

Saint George's  School,

the Pearl Street Little Free Library (a local resident told us that everyone on the block had collaborated on it),

a garden which probably had yielded a decent corn crop,

a few houses decorated for Halloween,

Mr. Stevenson's Coffee Stop,

yard art

and a P-Patch under transmission towers.

This felt like a neighborhood making the most of its resources in spite of noise and transmission towers.

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