Wednesday, July 4, 2012


A happy and safe July 4th to all. The sun is out and it's a beautiful day in Seattle. My husband and I took a 4.3 mile walk along the streets of Eastlake this morning and observed people staking out their spots for tonight's fireworks display on Lake Union. we walked streets from E Newton to E Roanoke Street between Fairview and Boylston Avenues E (which abuts I-5).

Eastlake is normally a busy street but it was fairly quiet this morning. It houses condos, restaurants, cafes and businesses.

We observed decorative cornerstones at many streets corners. These tiles depict the micro-organisms living in and on the shores of Lake Union.

A prior walk covered Fairview and this part of the Chesiahud Loop but today we were invited to walk the loop, collecting answers to questions posted along the way.

We passed Terry Pettus Park,

Lynn Street Park (Seattle's first street end park),

Pete's Supermarket, the Eastlake Bouledrome (pictured in an earlier post) and lots of houseboats.

This is a densely populated neighborhood with older homes being replaced by condos. There are still enough single family homes for residents to be planning yard parties including one with activities planned.

We passed WCI Voice and Data Services,

a coworking site,

Tops School

and Rogers Playground.

There was a lot to look at and it was a great day to celebrate the 4th.

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