Sunday, December 5, 2010

North Matthew's Beach

Today, my husband and I filled in all the streets we'd missed from NE 105th to 115th between Sand Point Way and Lake Washington and we were rewarded with beautiful views.

This is a hilly, environmentally sensitive area above the Burke Gilman Trail and many of the homes have been rebuilt to take advantage of the views.

Some of the homes are built near ravines, some are quite large and some of the streets have a crowded feel but it is still a quiet, well-tended neighborhood.

We had thought that seeing a house built on a stilt-like foundation, another with a swimming pool in a front yard and yet another with a tennis court was impressive but then we had an eagle sighting!

As we walked along Exeter between 107th and 110th, one of the neighbors asked if we'd heard the eagle. We hadn't but he was able to point out the eagle sitting in a tree in the back yard of one of the houses on the east side of the street.

This was an eventful 4.2 mile walk.

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