Friday, August 13, 2010

Northwestern Lake City

My friend and I walked all the streets between 23rd Place NE and 27th Avenue NE from 135th to 145th Street. This neighborhood had large trees and some beautiful gardens. It had no sidewalks and some winding streets that gave it a country feel. We didn't see many people or cars. There were a few homes for sale. For the most part, they were more expensive than the homes east of them that were closer to Lake City Way.

Because I walked to my friend's house and we walked to some errands in Lake City, the walk totaled 11.7 miles. On the way to Lake City, we stopped to look at some gardens on the property of Jane Adams School (a peace garden, a butterfly garden and a native plants garden) but I'll elaborate on them when I walk that neighborhood. On the way back from Lake City, we stopped at Minoo, a Persian Bakery, on Lake City Way just north or 125th Street. We had Persian tea and some very nice pastries (rolled sponge cake filled with whipped cream and topped with chocolate (me) and peaches and whipped cream (my friend). It was a friendly place and the pastries were yummy.

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